Drei englische E-Books für kurze Zeit kostenlos. ~~~ #free #englishbooks #childrenbooks #fantasy #kostenlos #Kinderbücher #Kindergeschichte

#free #englishbooks #childrenbooks #fantasy #kostenlos #Kinderbücher #Kindergeschichte

Drei englische E-Books für kurze Zeit kostenlos.

Ark of Witches: Destiny

Tara Silver will soon be a true witch. She will shortly be enrolled in one of the largest schools for witchcraft, the so-called Ark of Witches in London. However, her first day in the witch school is going completely different than Tara could have ever imagined in her wildest dreams. The young witch realizes that she has very powerful skills: the magic of the empty hand. When her best friend Sandra gets into trouble as a result of a sorcerer changing sides, it is hard to know what to do. Can Tara help her? And what is the mysterious Book of Shadows that Tara finds in the witches’ library?



Snowy and Purry

Purry is a sorcerer’s apprentice and lives in the magic cat village of Luna. The evil witch, Morbia, is a threat to the village, but the village is protected by a magic moon crystal. Morbia’s goal is to steal the crystal and misuse its magic to take over the world. A powerful protection bubble around the village stops her and at each full moon a ritual is held in the village to maintain protection for another month. The magic tomcat, Purry, is not allowed to participate in the full moon ritual because his mother, the village elder, believes that his magical powers are not yet good enough. She feels that it is just too dangerous to perform magic without complete control. Purry wants to prove to his mother that he is actually able to do magic and secretly practices in a barn. When he unintentionally conjures up a harp seal, he decides to use the crystal to send the seal back to Coldland, the land the seal came from. The protection around the village breaks down, but Purry does not realize that the magic protection has failed. This is just the moment the evil witch Morbia has long waited for …



Lucy, the kind sea monster

*** A lovely illustrated picture book that provides children with values and teaches about the importance of friendship and tolerance. ***

Lucy is different from the other sea monsters. She finds no fun in scaring people. The sea monster girl follows her heart and—to the horror of all—becomes friends with Vanessa, a human girl, with whom she shares a love for strawberry ice cream. Although Lucy’s classmates at the sea monster school are already starting to whisper behind her back and her parents are wary of her new friend, she holds on to the friendship. Together with Vanessa she is able to finally learn the old, forgotten secret of the sea monsters …


Enjoy reading! ❤️

Liebe Grüße



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